GF Water Based Wood Stains


Recoat/Dry Time: 1-2 hours

Coats Recommended: 1 coat of stain is recommended - no more than two. If you apply multiple coats, add 10-20% topcoat to the stain to lock the color down. The other option when applying 2-3 coats of stain is to apply one coat of shellac before applying top coat. Allow to dry overnight then apply High Performance.

Thinning: Thin GF water based semi-gel stains with 10-15% extender or water at point of use only. Decant what you need into a separate container and use immediately. If thinned water based semi-gel stains are stored, they will separate and lose the semi-gel consistency. 

Cure Time:

Cleanup: Soap and warm water 

Coverage Per Quart: 150 sq. ft/qt

Size: Pint, Quart, Gallon

Recommended Use: Interior use only - wood applications

Sealer: GF's Natural Pre Stain conditioner is available but not required.

Topcoat Recommendation: High Performance

Spray Tip Sizes Recommended: .043 - .051 tip and nozzle, No. 9 air cap.

VOC: <100 g/l (.83 lb/gal) VOC varies according to color.

Viscosity: Fairly thick semi-gel


General Finishes products should be tested to your complete satisfaction before using. General Finishes will not be responsible for any failure if our products are used in conjunction with other brands of finishes. We do not test General Finishes products with those of another manufacturer and will not accept liability if there is a compatibility issue.


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Water Based Wood Stains have all the advantages of oil based stains: they spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time. The thicker formula allows controlled penetration, which will reduce blotching on softer woods such as Aspen, Pine and Maple.
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